Friday 17th May 2019

Matrix Synapse Maintenance, scheduled 5 months ago

Doing a little maintenance to clean the database a bit, which may or may not improve the services performance that has become unusable because the machine is under too high ioload.

More details:

Affected services:

  • Synapse Homeserver
  • Everything it carries, like the Telegram and Discord bridge, because they are like extensions of the homeserver 😄

Affected best-practices

I do no like "unclean" solutions, so i tried to avoid any 3rd-party script to clean the database (including nuking rooms if needed) but now it becomes unavoidable, the Matrix devs didn't provide cleaner methods like expiring messages as we have in XMPP for too long so i now try to keep this service up rather than shutting it down entirely, while not being able to rent more expensive hardware at the given time.